Songs Of The Young Sinclairs

by The Young Sinclairs

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The Young Sinclairs made their debut on wax with this vinyl-only anthology LP, released in conjunction with Kindercore Records in 2009. It's a collection of standout fave cuts from all their self-released albums, plus a few exclusive tracks and rarities thrown in for good measure. Most of the material here was recorded in the 2005-2007 period and was originally only available on now out-of-print homebrew CD-R's and cassettes directly from the band. All songs recorded and mixed in Roanoke, VA in the band's own studio, The Mystic Fortress. Feel the sounds of 12-string guitars, vaccum tubes, spring reverb, tambourines and sparkling drum kits rumble underneath soaring melodic vocals that float effortlessly and hover atop the music like a heartbroken angel.

"Their music is jangly, upbeat, lyrically clever and melodically infused with the spirit of 1960s-pop rock. Their tunes, shimmering and feather-light, are draped in reverb and nostalgia. Much of the album is gentler and more purposefully restrained than a number of the other new artists presently trafficing in reverb-drenched 1960's pop, which gives The Songs of the Young Sinclairs a more definitive purpose." - Turntable Kitchen

"The jangly, psychedelia-inflected folk is executed with tasty precision, and the subtly tinny production often approaches a period-piece-esque accuracy that could fool all but the most attentive 60's fetishists. It's certainly an album that's about its individual songs, as these typically short nuggets are designed to stand on their own. There's plenty to pick from here -- and this might be the best thing about the record. Almost every song on this seventeen-track LP has something warm and glorious about it." - Michael Tau, Indieville


released April 20, 2009



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Mystic Fortress Roanoke, Virginia

Founded in 2005, a fully-functional analog recording studio and D.I.Y. record label located in Roanoke, VA. Home to a talented artist collective formerly known as The Magic Twig Community. The recording studio is operated by brothers Sam & Joe Lunsford and John Thompson, and has always retained a unique signature sound spanning any number of musical genres. Feast your ears on the magic. ... more

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Track Name: Darling
use my friends and put us down
I don't need to bicker with you
go burn the Capitol right to the ground
if your precious ideals are so true
second-hand activist why do you preach
you act like you're some kind of master or priest
you're hung up on garments and haircuts and flesh
your experiments are just like all the rest
how do you feel when you're out in the street
or when you're alone in a bed
I wrote and recorded hundreds of songs and they will live on when I'm dead
so go right ahead and talk and talk
'cause you're too afraid to sing
another white man on stolen land
we'd kill you if you were a king
if you're such an intellectual man
then go teach politics don't be in a band
you're hung up on garments and haircuts and flesh
your experiments are just like all the rest
Track Name: Canceled Flight
I took a trip to London but it didn't swing me right
I went to New York City but I didn't like the lights
I'd stay right where I am if I could fall asleep at night
you can find me at the airport gettin' on a canceled flight

I've been working at the movies sellin' tickets through the glass
I'd feel better if they knew me but I just smile and take their cash
I stare out of that window, count the cop cars as they pass
gonna lift up off the concrete, put my fingers in the grass
Track Name: Engineer Man
he's the engineer man he's the leader of the band he does all the work 'round here
he has to be alone no time to be at home there's no people here to fear
engineer man
he stays inside he is barely alive would you believe in him
he can not talk and he trips when he walks and you are inside of him
engineer man
Track Name: Thanks Paul Horn
turn around and leave me here
don't believe in anything
turn your eyes into my heart
I don't believe in anything
Track Name: Blessed Blackness
you have a different view from your eyes I think it's good
and what you play is such a surprise I think it's good
blessed blackness I love you
blessed blackness I worship you
blessed blackness I love you
blessed blackness I worship you
I'm tuned in to just what you feel it's all the same
we need some music we need love it's all the same
looking at your hands you are the ancient man I know you will do better than I can
blessed blackness I love you
blessed blackness I worship you
blessed blackness I love you
blessed blackness I worship you
Track Name: Tough Face
you say the city would do me good you're wrong
you think I haven't been experienced you're wrong
don't you think it's time for living your life
are you happy with what's going on
your life
all I really want to do is be your friend
what about people makes them not be your friend
I do me you do you your thing
you are you I am I your thing
Track Name: It's Real & It's The End
hear me for the first time and take you far again
follow through the water
it's real and it's the end
it's real and it's the end
feed me for the last time
sweet nothing is waiting there
play the final notes to your song and die
Track Name: Tribe
I could think forever about what to do and I won't get through
first of all jump in and try
see if you die

it's not that bad with the tribe on your side
if you don't have it then here's some of mine

if the silence comes you'll be OK
I'll bring the day
when the night is done we won't get paid but love is made

do you think the sound is me
it's not supposed to be
but you know that there's no rules
am I a fool

it's not that bad with the tribe on your side
if you don't have it then here's some of min
Track Name: The Most Impressive
my name is written everywhere
the most impressive thing of all
and when the eyes begin to stare
our feet stop working and we fall
there's things that keep us far apart
and you know we're not the same
there is no light without the dark
the meaning's different in your brain
my feet are growing weary now
and my eyes becoming dim
my mind starts to wonder how
and these strange feelings do begin
to creep inside of my being
I need this doubt to survive
because when faced with it I win
relief rush over and I thrive
this is the great light
when we end the night
we can take you to the fields
golden green makes it heal
Track Name: Up Against The Wall
wake me up this morning
softly face the day
we can live together
float and drift away
thinking much too hard again
sing your mind to sleep
keep your head held high y'know
earth beneath your feet

and you'll find that you are real
and you'll know you have it all
and you'll see that I am here
we are up against the wall
Track Name: They're Not Writing
you play the part of some one you don't know
you heard about the river how it flows
a sleeping mind of magic weaves a spell
you're following the ringing of the bell
a lighthouse in the morning comes to view
and suddenly it's shining right on you
they're not writing anymore
then the ghosts they reveal your second pulse
the children they are planted in the mulch
you pause for just a blink and then it slips
you're shaking but you just can't escape the grip
they're not writing anymore
Track Name: Honeysuckle, Rose, & Pumpkin
you're the reason and you are the inspiration in my life
I love you in the sunshine I love you even more in moonlight
I'm so glad you didn't die from that disease when you were young
I don't think that you and me are at the end we've just begun
you smell sweetly of honeysuckle rose and pumpkin
I have a good life but if I don't have you it's nothing
you're always with me a hundred miles away or by my side
when you touch me it makes me so happy I want to cry
I'm proud to walk with you your flames are burning high little fire
Track Name: Talisman
sacred text of noble man
receive your thoughts with open hands
germ of life a time and space
insects on a dying face

my talisman will keep you bright
my pentagram and clothes of white
the fire is green and gold within my eyes

crystal stone the astral salt
away with guilt and fear and fault
flames that ripen sand and ash
we never die we turn to glass

my talisman will keep you bright
my pentagram and clothes of white
the fire is green and gold within my eyes
Track Name: Don't Be Scared
now that you're open-eyed you're scared
to look and find there's some one there
don't be scared
you found a scratch upon the frame
and heard that no one knows your name
don't be scared
there's just too much that's going on
how did you feel when it was gone
your kingdom stands for only time
you have a tower still to climb
don't be scared
Track Name: Llama Farm (Emblems)
waving your hands from inside a machine
thinking about all your friends that are dead
what did you mean when you said do it clean
thinking about all the books you have read
spending the night in the Spanish hotel
you want to be shopping where they were embalmed
what do you feel like when nothing goes well
there's emblems of magic and death on your arm
Track Name: Send Me A Dream
can you send me a dream
one I might like to stay in
can you film me a scene
with a cast I could play in
will you show me your cloud
now it seems it is waiting
can you open your mouth
do you use it for hating

can you find me a love that's real
everything I do is wrong
can you make me a sound to feel
everything I do is wrong
Track Name: Help You Decide
some one will help you to decide
when you need something to go by
it's written on the biggest wall
open your eyes you'll see it all
some one will help you to decide